Your Wellness Journey Series

Your Wellness Journey Series-Online Series

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CAREis is pleased to announce its partnership with Bowen College to provide our senior communities with tools in wellness education. Your Wellness Journey Series is an exploration of your emotional and physical wellbeing giving you insight to overcome overwhelm, limiting beliefs and feeling ‘stuck’ in your body. You are welcome to attend all of them or just the one(s) that appeal to you. With the convenience of technology this series is offered from the comfort of your home. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

To get the most out of the learnings we recommend attending all 7 parts of the workshop series. You are welcome to attend all of them or just the one(s) that appeal to you.

  • Wednesday September 7th 3-5PM PDT/4-6PM MDT/6-8PM EDT 
  • Wednesday September 14th 3-5PM PDT/4-6PM MST/6-8PM EDT 
  • Wednesday September 21st 3-5PM PDT/4-6PM MDT/6-8PM EDT 
  • Wednesday September 28th 3-5PM PDT/4-6PM MDT/6-8PM EDT 
  • Saturday October 1st 9-1PM PDT/11-3 MDT/12-4PM EDT Movement Day!
  • Wednesday October 5th 3-5PM PDT/4-6PM MDT/6-8PM EDT 
  • Wednesday October 12th 3-5PM PDT/4-6PM MDT/6-8PM EDT 


More About Your Healing Series…

Inside this powerful 6-week program (7 sessions)  

you will receive…

  • Group Coaching, allowing you to deep dive into your healing process
  • Inspiration through the stories and transformations of other people like you, engaged in the same healing process
  • Support and encouragement of the entire group
  • The steps to LISTEN to your body’s signs and signals
  • The tools you need to REBOOT® your body with an Introduction
  • Guided exercises and worksheet for each module


Meet Your Host, Dr. M

As a newly de-registered Naturopathic Medical Doctor and CEO of Bowen College where she has trained over 2500 healthcare practitioners in her methodology. Dr. M helps people take ownership of their choices in health. The best-selling author of “What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask” A Mindful Patient, Doctor Relationship and “A Healer in Every Household: Looking Beyond Your Symptoms”, she helps people release chronic physical and emotional pain by helping them focus on their “health-nosis” and not their diagnosis. The newest book is What If Your Body Is Smarter Than You Think?“   A step-by-step process to health sovereignty.

While overcoming stage 4 CA without pharmaceutical or a hysterectomy, Dr. Manon Bolliger discovered that we are accustomed to thinking that conflict resolution is mediated externally. But when it comes to health, it is an internal process. She has pioneered the ‘A Healer in Every Household’ Movement embracing the body’s capacity to heal and the choice to govern our lives.

She has spoken on international stages like JTFoxx’s Money, Health, and Business, TEDxTenayaPaseo in Las Vegas, is the host of The Healer’s Cafe podcast and has appeared on ABC, CTV and NBC. ” 

The LISTEN Program is a 7 part health series designed to be taken together for the best approach to deeply connecting with yourself

It’s Your Story; More About Our Time Together

Your Wellness Health Series aka. The LISTEN Program aims at offering all our participants a broad and balanced workshop series that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare you for the best outcomes in health.

Whether you wish to listen and take notes or get involved in the sessions on a deeper level; it is with guided professional training, we make sure each participant has an opportunity to delve into the materials towards a brighter health journey.

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Learning to Listen with LOVE-The Emotional Mastery of SELF LOVE

Wednesday September 7th 3-5PM PST/4-6PM MST/6-8PM EST 

Chronic Pain, Illness, and Medical Diagnoses can set our minds on a path of resenting our bodies. You may look in the mirror and feel betrayed by your body as it aches or feel shame for not caring more for your body throughout the years. You may also find your reactions to situations come from fear, anger, self-loathing, or confusion. Learning to LISTEN with LOVE is the first step to discovering the hidden meanings behind your well being and health. By learning the emotional mastery behind LOVE & SELF LOVE, you will begin to approach all situations in a self-love manner.

Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Discover your obstacles to healing.
  • Understand what causes your stress and how to recognize it.
  • Understand how you can interpret your diagnosis another way.
How to Rewrite Your Health Story- Understanding Your Inner Thoughts

Wednesday September 14th 3-5PM PST/4-6PM MST/6-8PM EST 

To begin to fully understand our way of thinking when it comes to health and discover whether it is an inherited thought/belief or a core value, we must INQUIRE deeper.

To change your health outcomes, you must come to terms with the choices you have made and often re-write the narrative from a  place of understanding and compassion. 

Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Discover how your thoughts and beliefs are contributing to your suffering.
  • Learn how to run and audit on your thoughts and beliefs.
  • Align your life with powerful values that best serve your whole being.
Learning to Listen to Your Body-Your Symptoms Are Not Your Enemy

Wednesday September 21st 3-5PM PST/4-6PM MST/6-8PM EST 

Symptoms are your body’s way of speaking to you and to understand their meaning, you must LISTEN and learn to hear your body’s messages. 

Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Identify why blaming your circumstances for your challenges increases your stress.
  • Use the “Sherlock Holmes” method to transform your symptoms into clues so that you can accelerate the healing process.
  • Get clarity around your current treatment choices and know what your next best steps are.
Storing & Restoring Our Body Mind Connection-The Importance of Touch

Wednesday September 28th 3-5PM PST/4-6PM MST/6-8PM EST 

TOUCH is scientifically proven to speed healing, increase circulation, boost positive emotions, and is the key to trusting your body for true transformation. Your body stores memories both positive and negative. Discover the connection between your body and your mind to enhance your journey to optimal health.

Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Learn how to undo patterns of pain… even if you’ve been suffering for decades.
  • Release trauma and energetic blocks that prevent you from moving forward.
  • Discover how to literally put your body into ultra “healing mode” so that it does the work for you.
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Understanding the Reboot Method and which Movements are Supportive 

Saturday October 1st 2-6:30PM PST/3-7:730 MST/5-9:30PM EST

Go deeper into TOUCH by learning the tools needed to Reboot® Your Body in order to discover proven methods of relieving pain, reducing stress, releasing stored trauma from the body’s cells, and so much more.

Inside this powerful presentation, you will:

  • Effectively prime your family’s health by rebooting their systems and helping them achieve optimal wellness
  • Do simple exercises that will strengthen your body and maintain better posture.

Learn more on how REBOOT® can transform your body!

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Empower Yourself to Better Healing-Eliminate, Engage and Trust Yourself Again

Wednesday October 5th 3-5PM PST/4-6PM MST/6-8PM EST 

As you follow your path to LISTEN to your body, you must now ENGAGE your new found information and EMPOWER yourself to better healing. 

Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Eliminate any self-doubt or insecurities keeping you from appreciating your new vibrant and spacious life
  • Embrace the new possibilities that are available to you now that you fell fully connected, confident and healthier than you have before…and never feel that you have to compromise what matters most to you ever again
  • Trust your body again and know that you are taking the right steps in Intelligent healing.
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Connecting to a NEW Purpose & Path-The Plan You Never Knew You Needed

Wednesday October 12th 3-5PM PST/4-6PM MST/6-8PM EST 

Your self discovery journey has begun. Now, you need actionable plans for the future to continue your journey to optimal health. Age is just a number, and your healing journey is yours to write. What will you discover about your life? Studies show learning new cognitive thought patterns as we age give us the benefit of thinking clearly while addressing patterns that no longer serve you. This leads to a happier outcomes for everyone!

Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Discover whether you are disconnected from your life purpose or spiritual path?
  • Understand how to address a deficient diet, inefficient movement, inadequate stress management.
  • Receive an action plan to implement as of NOW.

Special Thanks to Our Partners and Community Support
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