Non Disclosure Statement

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Canadian Association for Resources in Education & Impact in Self-Care Non Disclosure Statement

  • The information shared here is privileged, confidential and intended for internal use only. Do not share or distribute information without written permission from the presenters and CAREis

  • The information provided is property of the presenter and/or Canadian Association for Resources in Education & Impact in Self-Care. Duplication of any or in-part materials or information is prohibited under copyright and intellectual property laws.

  • The opinions expressed in the presentation are those of the presenter(s) and may not necessarily be those of Careis.

  • Presentations and workshops are intended for educational use only and do not replace independent professional judgement. The provided information may not be appropriate for everyone, please talk to your doctor or health professional before making any major changes. 

  • Every effort has been made to ensure the information is current and accurate, but errors can occur. CAREis and presenters hold no liability or responsibility to any of the information presented.
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