Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide accessible resources in education to enhance individual wellness for underserved communities and groups.

Values Statement

At CARESis we value; 1) the inherent worth and growth of individuals inclusive of culture, race, age, status, and disability. 2) diversity, inclusion, and social equity in the pursuit of justice for all marginalized peoples to give equal opportunity to thrive in their communities and, 3) the treatment of all individuals with respect and dignity and 4) the powerful role of education in the pursuit of wellness and individual commitment and support of the communities to which they belong and 5) the commitment to serve others through developing individual leadership and community stewardship.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to have individuals actively reach their optimal wellbeing by integrating wellness practices and leadership skills so they can reach their highest potential and to have avenues to overcome challenges in their personal, professional, and social settings; especially post COVID-19. By applying the latest in research about emotional, cognitive, and physical wellness we can share the tools necessary to bring resilience and joy into the lives of Canadians.

We provide diverse fun and sustainable programs that alleviate the challenges marginalized communities in Alberta and our nation face every day in pursuit of building awareness and community stewardship among individuals and groups. We support the growth of communities with sustainable, accessible education and resources in topics such as self-care, leadership, mental, emotional, and physical wellness. By delivering workshops and information sessions that respond to the risk factors that contribute to mental and emotional wellness we can address and build resilience within us and within our workplaces and lives.

It is through the collective community of partnerships and volunteerism we strive to provide excellence in an up to date, informative, fun way; with helpful approaches to wellness so that all communities are given the opportunity to thrive, and individuals are given opportunities to grow.

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