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Listen & Learn Cognitive Health Series

Our Listen & Learn format is designed to be accessible to anyone anywhere! Whether you are listening in nature from your mobile device or relaxing at home , Dr. Romi Fung, ND will guide you on a n educational journey towards better cognition and health. We offer the series three times, each time with a small variation of topics. Don’t miss this unique educational experience with Dr. Romi where he shares with you his insights and education in Alzheimer’s & Dementia!

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Upcoming Talks

Offered in a 4-week series, 3 times over the course of a year. To get the most out of the series we recommend taking the series all together. If you miss a week, No worries! You can register for the next series to catch up or review what interested you! Invite a friend, OPEN To All Ages

Alzheimer’s & Dementia: An Intro

Tuesday November 8th, 2022 11am MDT/10am PDT/1pm EDT

There is more to it than meets the eye, or in this case, the brain. This talk will go over a general understanding of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease including how dementia is defined and what contributes to this development. In this presentation, you will: 

  • Learn how dementia is defined 
  • Understand what the signs and symptoms are with dementia 
  • Learn the physiological changes that occur in patients with dementia 
  • Gain a different perspective of these conditions according to you

Optimal Nutrition for the Brain & Mind

Tuesday November 15th, 2022 11am MST/10am PST/1pm EST

‘Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.’ – Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine. We eat for the purpose of fueling our bodies and souls, but what do we know about fueling our brains? Join us this Tuesday and find out more. In this presentation, you will: 

  • Learn how nutrition can support the brain 
  • Understand how certain dietary and lifestyle habits can either support or impair our brain health 
  • See the current evidence on how nutrition can impact our cognitive health and applying them in our lifestyle 

The Sweet Danger of Sugar:

The Connection Between Diabetes and Dementia

Tuesday November 22nd, 2022 11am MST/10am PST/1pm EST

Alzheimer’s Disease is now coined ‘Type 3 Diabetes’ for a very good reason as elevated blood sugar can cause physiological changes that impair cognition and brain health. Prevention is paramount in our understanding of health. In this presentation, you will: 

  • Learn how elevated blood sugar and insulin can impair cognition 
  • Understand how to blunt the blood sugar spike using glycemic load 
  • Learn the blood tests you can inquire your health care practitioner about doing 
  • Learn ways to make insulin more sensitive for better sugar regulation 
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Putting Out Flames In The Brain

The Connection Beween Inflammation & Dementia

Tuesday November 29th, 2022 11am MST/10am PST/1pm EST

Join us for, Putting out the Flames in the Brain: The Connection Between Inflammation and Dementia. Chronic inflammation has been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. Join Dr. Romi Fung, Naturopathic Doctor in learning how inflammation contributes to Alzheimer’s and why a holistic approach is warranted. In this presentation, you will:

  • Learn the difference between chronic and acute inflammation
  • Learn how chronic inflammation impacts the body, especially the brain
  • Understand where chronic inflammation comes from
  • Learn how to manage inflammation with targeted lifestyle habits

Meet Your Host
Dr. Romi Fung, ND


Dr. Romi Fung is a practicing Naturopathic Physician with clinical interests in working with patients with dementia. Having worked with seniors for the past two decades his interests have been to support the health of older adults. CAREis welcomes his passion and knowledge in to serve senior communities by hosting the, Listen & Learn Cognitive Health Series.

“I believe that it is thanks to our seniors today that we live in a very fortunate time. Because of this, I wish to return my appreciation by empowering them in their health with the knowledge and experience I have gained in my medical and doctoral training”. -Dr. Romi Fung, ND


Open To All Ages! We invite you to participate in the upcoming cognitive health series. Each series will have a slight variation in workshops offered, we welcome you to attend at your convenience and as many times as you need! A Q&A will follow each session, See You There!

About Our Project

The Artists Corner

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve senior communities in Edmonton, Alberta and Canada. This years project encompasses our work in cognitive, emotional and mental health education and support. We offer several ways to take part!

The Artists’ Corner is calling all Artists or Artisans to participate in this years project! If you are interested in taking part in The Artists Corner please connect with Workshops and details will follow Open To ALL

Your Health Journey Series is an exploration of your personal health story while giving you the tools and guidance to explore a new perspective for the best years ahead. Take part at any level you are comfortable with. For participants 60+

Listen & Learn Cognitive Health Series is our 4-part educational series on healthy cognitive aging. Join from wherever you are! A Q&A will follow each event. OPEN To ALL

Our Movement Series is hosted through Bowen College and is designed to connect you physically with your bodies at any age. Safe and effective movements make for safer movement practices and less injuries! OPEN To ALL

Special Thanks to Our Partners & Community Supporters!
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